About Us

Mannheim Mennonite Church is a vibrant congregation located in a rural setting just beyond the western boundary of Kitchener, Ontario. While our roots go back to 1836, we are a progressive congregation that seeks to understand and live out a Mennonite Christian faith that addresses the questions and issues of our complex postmodern times.  While we are a small congregation, we have a big heart seeking to support and care for all who come and participate in our congregation as well as beyond.

Our Vision statement "seeking the freedom and mystery of God's grace on our faith journey" describes the purpose of our church very well.

We are a seeking church...seeking to experience and understand the msytery of God's grace found in Christ and how that becomes real in our world and in our lives.  We don't have all the answers. 

We are a church that values the experience of freedom that comes from experiencing God's grace, the freedom from guilt and shame, the freedom from our history and all that holds us back, the freedom to become a child of God that God created each of us to be, the freedom to live out this Christ-led life more consistently in our daily lives, the freedom to confront the structures in our society that keep people from experiencing life fully, etc.  This freedom aspect has a lot of dimensions to it. 

We are a church that treasures the mystery of God's grace as we find ourselves experiencing God's spirit (compassion, love, truth, strength, determination, support, joy, mercy, forgiveness, etc.) in our lives and the lives of others. 

Finally, we are a church that sees the Christian faith as a journey of spiritual growth, not a decision or a destination.   As a result, we see ourselves as pilgrims on the journey, constantly learning from one another and growing. 

As Mennonites, we see living out our Christian faith as something that happens every moment of our life...at work, at home, with friends and family, even with strangers.   As a result, we need spiritual practices that nourish and support us so that we could continue to live out our faith and grow spiritually.  At Mannheim, these spiritual practices include:

  • Weekly worship
  • Christian formation activities (Formation hour, worship band,
    small groups, junior youth events, regional church youth retreats, online spiritual formation group, library, etc.)
  • Community fellowship
  • Local outreach (Living Room, Wilmot Family Resource Food Bank, annual Mannheim community garage sale, 
    befriending our new Muslim neighbours in Mannheim,
    youth drop-in group, training site for chaplains/pastoral counsellors,
    poverty walk, Ride for Refuge, aboriginal issues, etc.)
  • Financially supporting our national and international church ministries
    including Mennonite Central Committee ministries.
  • Personal devotional times
  • Leadership within the church (participating in one of the ministries of the church)